“God, grant me courage to change the things I can, the serenity to accept the things I cannot and the wisdom to know the difference”

Priyanka Singh

A unique passion for connecting with people and achieving breakthroughs has established Priyanka Singh, a former banker, as a skilled trainer in corporate circles. “Dare to dream, give your best and be authentic” has been a motto which she lives by. She has a gift for reaching out to her participants and to inspire them to seek the best in themselves.

She encourages people to face their fears and passionately pursue their goals – professional and personal. She has to her credit, in her career trained over 5000 participants across the country. She has exposure to a wide spectrum of industries ranging from banking, finance, insurance, BPO's, I.T, manufacturing to travel and tourism.

Some of her prestigious corporate clients include
Mercedes Benz, Credit Suisse, HSBC, HDFC Bank, Kotak Bank, ICICI One Source, Sharekhan, Tech Mahindra, Aviva Insurance, IDBI Bank, SBI Bank, Godrej Agrovet and Asian Paints.

This collective experience has resulted in a deep reservoir of business acumen that benefits clients to achieve business results. Priyanka started her corporate career with HSBC, accepting challenging responsibilities and constantly growing in Customer Service, Sales, Branch Management, Business Development and HR. 10 years with HSBC layed the foundation for a passionate career in training She specializes in the areas of Customer Service, Sales, Communication Skills, Interpersonal Skills, Creativity and Problem Solving etc. She constantly strives to add new topics to her training catalogue and fresh approaches to existing ones.
Her engaging, high energy style, sense of humor and ability to make learning fun make her workshops an experience to cherish.


Successfully completed the “Basic Practitioner of Neurolinguistic Programming”(NLP) awarded by “The National Federation of Neurolinguistic Psychology”

Sucessfully completed the “Leadership Skills & Emotional Intelligence” Workshop conducted by Think Inc. – Mr. Vijay Batra

Awarded the Certificate of Honour in “Count Your Chickens Before They Hatch” Seminar by IIPM Planman Consulting, Mr. Arindham Choudhary

Successfully completed the “Advanced Curriculum for Living” workshop conducted by “The LandMark Forum”

Attended the 10 day Vipassanna Meditation Course, Igatpuri

Jiva Consultants
It is our life energy which gives the strength to actualize our true self. It is the light behind our thoughts and our actions. “Jiva” was launched to harness this potential within each one of us.
“Jiva” is a leading Corporate Training Consultancy firm providing comprehensive training solutions and development programs across a wide spectrum of business and industries. We at Jiva believe in enhancing your business potential to the fullest by tapping the power in each of your employees.
Our logo “The Ennead”, or nine pointed star, is an ancient and greek symbol which represents the great harmony of the universe.
The number “9” represents the numeric equivalent of Jiva. When multiplied by any other numeral, the result will always total the number nine in the sum of its digits. Just as the number 9 comes back to its roots, we believe that each one of us has to come back to our source “Jiva”
“The Ennead”, nine pointed star will guide the individual to seek their own heights.

Jiva Differentiator

We at Jiva believe that the awareness of our true self brings the power to face our deepest fears.
This awareness brings a composure in our being which supports us in all our endeavours. This belief has led us to being one of the pioneers in enhancing the “Spiritual Quotient” of all our participants.
The transformative power of SQ distinguishes it from IQ and EQ. IQ solves logical problems. EQ allows us to judge the situation we are in and behave appropriately. SQ allows us to ask the question whether we want to be in that situation in the first place. It might motivate us to create a new one. SQ gives us the feeling of being in control of our destiny. Rather than waiting for things to happen, our awareness brings forth new beginnings.
Jiva believes that developing the Spiritual Quotient of the individual brings about sustained long term growth and happiness in the individual and the Organisation.
Every workshop conducted by “Jiva” has a module on building the SQ of the participant. He walks out of the workshop with more focus on his own Locus of Control. He is armed with new perceptions of life. He begins to see that the reality around him is a reflection of his own perceptions.
This supports him in achieving breakthroughs in professional and personal life.

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